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Persistently controversial. Bad to the board.

Meeple Like Us is engaged in mapping out the accessibility landscape of board-games, providing comprehensive accessibility teardowns of popular titles. The intention is to build up a useful resource for those players that cannot simply take a game down from the shelf and assume it's playable. Check out our master list for progress to date. We post new reviews on a Wednesday, and new teardowns on a Saturday.

Potion Explosion review

Potion Explosion (2015)

When I think back to my time at Hogwarts, my recollection of Potions was a somewhat different experience to how it’s presented in Potion Explosion.  It was less about unconstrained play and more about trying not to catch Snape’s eye lest he make a remark so toxic that it curdled…

Arboretum review

Arboretum (2015)

Arboretum doesn’t look like it, but this is a game about when the Ents go to war.   Arboretum is a scorched-earth battleground set in the Lord of the Rings universe.  It doesn’t say it anywhere, but that’s the only conclusion a reasonable person could reach.  A game about planting a…

One Deck Dungeon (2016)

Oooh, One Deck Dungeon was an unexpected treat.   I bought it mostly on a whim largely because I wanted to talk about its approach to inclusion in the art.  It’s an all woman cast which is simultaneously something of which I entirely approve and completely disapprove depending on which hat…

Tokaido review

Tokaido (2012)

Tokaido is perhaps the most British game I’ve ever played and that might be surprising given how every element oozes Japanese aesthetics.  It is a gorgeous, sumptuous feast for the eyes that combines elegant minimalism with evocative art.   You take on the role of a traveler following the eponymous Tokaido…

Arkham Horror: The Card Game Review

Arkham Horror: The Card Game (2016)

At this point in the muggy Scottish summer of 2017 I think under most circumstances I’d rather be killed by raging cultists of the King in Yellow than play another Lovecraft inspired game.

Once upon a time Lovecraft and all his weirdly specific public racisms were what literate horror fans used…

Rock, Paper, Wizard review

Rock, Paper, Wizard (2016)

I’ve spent a lot of time imagining myself as a wizard.  Like… a lot of time.  More time than a grown man should ever invest in the pursuit.  Every time I walk up to an automatic door with a pen in my hand I point it and say ‘Alohamora’.    Usually…

The biases of review copies

The Biases of Review Copies

Let’s talk about review copies since it’s one of those topics that consistently bobs up to the surface of the reviewer community like a dead rat in a sewer overflow.  Note here that I’m not going to talk about the emergent trend of ‘payment for reviews’ – that is a…

NMBR 9 Review

NMBR 9 (2017)

We also have an accessibility teardown of NMBR 9 available. If Barenpark is Bear Tetris, then NMBR 9 is Tetris Bingo.   It’s a spectacularly straightforward game – one that even I’m going to find difficult to stretch out into our trademark patent pending Meeple Like Us format.   Oh yes, we…