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Persistently controversial. Bad to the board.

Meeple Like Us is engaged in mapping out the accessibility landscape of board-games, providing comprehensive accessibility teardowns of popular titles. The intention is to build up a useful resource for those players that cannot simply take a game down from the shelf and assume it's playable. Check out our master list for progress to date. We post new reviews on a Wednesday, and new teardowns on a Saturday.

NMBR 9 Review

NMBR 9 (2017)

We also have an accessibility teardown of NMBR 9 available. If Barenpark is Bear Tetris, then NMBR 9 is Tetris Bingo.   It’s a spectacularly straightforward game – one that even I’m going to find difficult to stretch out into our trademark patent pending Meeple Like Us format.   Oh yes, we…

Santorini review

Santorini (2016)

How Santorini made its way into my collection is kind of an interesting story, except that it’s not interesting and barely counts as a story.  I’d been eyeing it up on various online retailers for several months, watching the price erratically fluctuate from ‘too expensive’ to ‘way too damn expensive’…

Quadropolis review

Quadropolis (2016)

I’ve made it no secret in the past that I absolutely love Suburbia despite it having all the visual appeal of a charted accountant’s wastepaper bin.  The grim, austere graphical design and the furious calculation that goes into every move make it a difficult sell to non-gamers though.  The game…

New York Slice review

New York Slice (2017)

I expected not to like this game when it was first put in front of me.   We got to play a few games on what I have come to think of as ‘The Stressful Saturday’ of the UK Games Expo.   The Bezier Games table was a quiet refuge in a…

Kingdomino review

Kingdomino (2016)

Kingdomino was one of the games we got try out at the UK Games Expo 2017.  Recently announced as a nominee for the Spiel des Jahres we sat down and gave it a try without having any particularly strong expectations.     In our experience, games selected for consideration in that award…